Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Use Bricks As opposed to Concrete?

A: There are many various reasons why you should choose brick pavers over concrete. There are many different shades, along with various forms and sizes. They are simple to fix, and they are very inexpensive. Additionally the add resale value to your property when redoing a block pool deck or driveway.

Q: When To Utilize Thick Bricks vs. Thin Bricks?

A: Thick pavers are used on new construction jobs. However, if pavers will be placed over an already existing concrete surface, slim pavers can be utilized, just ensure to inspect the elevation restrictions.

Q: Why Brick Pavers?

A: When it comes to sealing brick pavers, it’s a personal choice. It’s not necessary if you like the organic color of brick, but some homeowner prefer an even, more ‘moist’ appearance. This can easily be achieved by securing and sealing, which helps accent the actual color of the brick.