Brick Pavers

clay bricksA clay brick is a block which consists of clay soil and sand and limerock.  The clay is molded into a small block shape and put into a kiln at 1000 degrees Celsius to harden.  Kiln fired bricks are the more common type and are laid in patterns called bonds which come together and then become known as brickwork.  Before the days of kilns, the clay bricks were air dried instead making a hard brick but not quite as strong as a kiln fired brick.  The clay bricks are laid within borders of concrete which hold all the pieces together and provide a durable and long lasting structure.  Bricks are usually produced in Industrial applications by large machines which can produce large quantities of bricks in a small amount of time.  Kiln fired bricks are some of the strongest, longest lasting building materials known to man since thousands of years BC.  Air dried bricks, sometimes called mud brick or adobe, are even historically older than kiln fired bricks.  There are countless types, shapes, colors, and sizes of clay brick pavers available for any application necessary whether it be a driveway, patio, retaining wall, fireplace, or walkway.  We use only the best quality clay bricks from our reputable local factories.