Cobblestone Pavers

cobblestone paversCobblestones are individual stones or rocks that are laid down and then cemented in place.  This was a practice used mostly in the early days of paving.  Many different types of rocks can be used but the best are pond or river rocks which have eroded to a smooth rounded finish.  Cobblestone roads are some of the oldest to date with some roads still around from thousands of years ago.  Cobblestones have lost their popularity over time because of the surface smoothness available from other types of paving materials.  Cobblestones are mainly used for decorative applications which add a rustic look only achieved by laying down cobblestones.  Cobblestones come in just about any shape and color and can be blended with multiple different colors to suit your taste or to match your current color scheme.  Using cobblestones pavers for paving creates a durable long lasting creation that is beautiful to look at and requires very little maintenance.  We use only the best cobblestone pavers available.