Concrete Pavers

concrete paversMore recently in our human ancestry, we came up with a better alternative to the mud brick, concrete.   It was in the 1940s that pavers were beginning to be made using concrete.  Concrete pavers needed to be used for areas which are below sea level where the ground erodes and moves around.  Simply pouring concrete was not a sufficient solution because over time it will begin to break or crack with the shifting of the earth.  Using many single pieces of concrete bricks, arranged in a pattern, and laid on top of a level sandy surface proved to be a far superior choice of paving.  The interlocked concrete pavers are typically four times stronger of a surface than a large flat slab of concrete.  Concrete pavers are mostly constructed of a dry mixture of cement, sand, gravel, and a color ingredient.  A large machine pours the mixture into a mold and applies water to it.  Then the mold is pressed and compacted while vibrations remove all the air bubbles.  Removing the air is crucial to ensuring to strength and stability of the paver brick.  When the concrete dries, the mold is removed and the final product is complete, a durable concrete paver brick ready to serve as a building material for any application whether a driveway, patio, retaining wall, or pool deck.  We use only the finest concrete paver materials from reputable factories.