Granite Pavers

Granite paversGranite rock is a natural igneous rock occurring when minerals are crystalized into formations just like marble.  Granite is a coarse grade material and needs to be polished to obtain the smoothness and shine known my most. Granite rocks are mainly consisted of the materials feldspar or quartz which mold together naturally and provide evenly blotched coloration throughout the rock.  Granite comes in many colors which are dictated by the mineral composition of their structure.  It is very strong and dense which makes it a great candidate for many different building applications.  Over time, granite has become more popular than marble due to its strength and durability which is significantly more than its natural stone counterpart.  Polished granite is commonly used for applications other than paving such as kitchen or bathroom counter tops.  Beware of imitators; granite can be artificially duplicated to look just like the real thing, except for the lack of strength and durability only found in naturally occurring granite stone.  We use only the finest granite materials available for all paving applications.