Marble Pavers

marble paversMarble is a type of rock made up of calcite or dolomite crystalized minerals.  Marble has traditionally been used as a type of building material common in Roman sculptures.  Marble is a natural rock which is made when sedimentary carbonate rocks, limestone or dolomite, are pressurized and morph.  The pressure causes the crystals atomic structure to be rearranged differently than its original structure.   White marble is made from a dolomite or limestone that is very pure resulting in fewer impurities and gives the marble a bright white color.   The swirls, patterns, and colors which are usually associated with marble are all caused from various impurities when other types of minerals are present in the limestone during the creation of the marble rock.   marble paverThe intense heat and pressure cause all the minerals to mend together and rearrange the structure of the crystal formations.  Half of the world’s marble production comes from only four countries.  They are, in ranking order, Italy, China, India, and Spain.  Marble is arguably the most exquisite material for driveways, patios, retaining walls, and walkways.  We use only the finest marble materials whether local or imported.