Permeable Pavers

permeable paversPermeable pavers are considered the most eco-friendly paving practices available.  Permeable pavers do exactly what their name sais, they allow the passage of water through them.  Not only does this reduce drastically the buildup of water when it rains, it also acts as a surface filter which traps many pollutants preventing them from ever reaching the ground water table.  Asphalt paving and concrete slabs have the opposite effect in which the rain water will collect, mix with pollutants such as gas, oil, etc. and then runoff into the ground, pollutants and all.  Permeable pavers can come in the form of a porous concrete material which is almost undistinguishable from other solid concretes, or can be installed in the form of what is known as grass pavers.  These pavers are hollow and once installed resemble the look of a honeycomb.  Grass will grow inside of the holes creating a beautiful natural green driveway or walkway that has the stability of concrete and the eco-friendly filtration qualities that make it a wonderful choice of pavers for homeowners.  We are highly experienced with permeable paver installation applications and only use the best quality materials available.