Rubber Pavers

rubber paversRubber pavers are probably the least common paver material used today.  Don’t count them out though, they have qualities that other types of pavers lack.  To name a few are the softness and padding they provide and the improved safety of slip resistance.  Rubber pavers are a good choice to use in areas such as pool decks, patios, and playground areas to provide a slip resistant flooring for kids and adults to walk and play on comfortably, even when wet.  If there is a fall, the rubber pavers will cushion the fall to an extent, reducing the chance for a serious injury.  At the same time though, rubber pavers are extremely tough and durable, which make them a long lasting flooring for years to come at an affordable price.  Most of the rubber used in making of the pavers comes from recycled materials which takes thousands of tons of rubber out of our landfills each year.  The rubber is melted down, purified, and then reshaped into various shapes, designs, and just about any color in the spectrum.  We use only the best rubber pavers available.