Sandstone Pavers

sandstone paversSandstone is a type of sedimentary rock which consists mainly of sand sized particles.  Quartz and feldspar are the two most common minerals which make up the structure of sandstone pavers.  Sandstone can look many different shades of colors which are naturally formed when the minerals are bonded together.  Colors can be dictated by different minerals found in the region.  Sandstone acts as a natural filter in the earth’s crust due to its ability to soak in water and or pollutants.  Sandstone is becoming more popular due to its low maintenance qualities.  They have been known to withstand the test of time and require very little cleaning or restoration.  Sandstone pavers also come in a variety of shapes, deigns, and colors to bring your vision to life and bring to you the beauty of a naturally occurring mineral.  We only install the best quality sandstone pavers around.