Slate Tile Pavers

slate tile paversSlate tile pavers have been used for hundreds of years as a building material because of its strength and its texture make it easy to shape into various sizes.  Slate occurs naturally in quarries and is compiled from minerals mostly consisted of quartz or graphite.  The slate rock is formed when clay, volcanic ash, and minerals are fused together with extreme heat and pressure over a period of thousands of years, pressing it into the fine grain sedimentary rock found today.  Slate tile pavers are available in many different colors, which range from the darkest black to brown, green, purple, or even rusty red.  Slate pavers can also consist of many different shapes, edges, and thicknesses which can be laid out in various designs.  Using slate tiles for a paver installation will bring together a natural earthy look paired with elegance and with the strength and durability of concrete.  Slate Pavers are a beautiful flooring material and can be used for driveways, patios, and walkways.  They can also be installed as planks on a wall to create a rustic stone building look.  We use only the highest quality natural slate tile pavers.