Travertine Pavers

Travertine paversEven though travertine pavers aren’t as popular as the other paving materials, they are still one of the best materials to use for paving installations.  Travertine has the durable characteristics of granite and a gorgeous natural color that doesn’t fade with time.  There’s proof of this in Rome, Italy where you can find a mostly travertine structure known as “The Colosseum” still standing to this day after thousands of years.  Travertine is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock which is formed near the mouths of hot springs and waterfalls.  The most abundant source of travertine in America is at Yellowstone Park.  Travertine is among the finest paving materials rivaled only by marble for its stunning beauty and fancy look.   It is sometimes confused with marble although it is considered to be a limestone.  Travertine can also be used for edges or borders, adding an exquisite look to brick or stone pavers.  Travertine comes in many shapes, colors, and finishes, some porous and some smooth and polished.  We use only the finest travertine pavers available for all applications.